Anímic, band whose name defines them to perfection. All of their tracks are a musical account of the state of their soul. Introspection into the darkest and most joyful sides of humankind. At times, even within the same song. Their medley of audible states and sensations is so varied they can wind up transforming something as innocent as a nursery rhyme into a dark, melancholic and even sinister track. Such is the case with Blue Eyed Tree, the song they performed for this The Furious Sessions.

Louise and Ferran are the leaders of Anímic, this family from the musical prairie. A self-managed band in the full extent of the word (they themselves record, produce, edit and promote their concerts) and whose 6 members couldn’t be nicer.

In honour of this session, the girls from Planeando Truchas whipped up a remarkable decor which transformed the studio into the inside of an immense cardboard box, with scale folds and handles to boot. It looked fantastic. And to ensure their incredible work could be appreciated in all its glory, we hung a camera with a wide angle lens from the rafters (not an easy endeavour).



Production_The Furious Sessions
Direction_RiD Produccions
Cameramen_José G. Fernández, Luiso Ces, Bernat Rueda, Joel Brooks and Emili Mas
Sound_Alberto Perez_Sol de Sants
Editing_Bernat Rueda_RiD Produccions
Still photo_Bernat Rueda

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