Coque Malla… Amazing at The Furious Sessions

Those of us whose adolescent years were spent listening to the music of Los Ronaldos are no stranger to Coque Malla. A diminutive, crazy-haired character who accompanied us as we said “Adios, Papá”, and who made us laugh when he left his demons behind and fled to Cuenca in the film Todo es mentira… And he’s still around, still the same, tiny, crazy-haired and here to offer us a glimpse of his new solo musical adventure.

Despite his fame and the relevance of his career, he’s a normal bloke who made our job incredibly easy. While he was unable to bring the entire band, alongside which he is preparing the upcoming tour to promote his new album Termonuclear, he did appear with guitar squire and producer of the abovementioned album Nico Nieto in tow.

They were in a bit of a hurry, so they got down to it straight away and banged out this excellent unplugged version of the track La Carta in no time at all. Today’s Coque Malla is visceral and emotive, and his songs evoke both past experiences and issues currently affecting those of us from more or less the same generation. Provided there’s a lover, sex-buddy, girlfriend, casual fling or mistress involved.

Production_The Furious Sessions
Direction_RiD Produccions
Cameramen_José G. Fernández, Luiso Ces, Bernat Rueda y Javier Dominguez
Sound_Alberto Perez_Sol de Sants
Editing_Bernat Rueda_RiD Produccions
Still photo_Bernat Rueda

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