In times like these, in which hipsterism reigns and posers are omnipresent, we find ourselves bedazzled by Isaac Ulam, an oasis flying the flag of poetry.

Isaac Ulam is the person you’re watching. He isn’t one for deceiving or hiding behind ideas dictated by others. Proof of this is the track you’re about to hear, Estranys, one of the songs from the album that the Catalan record label BankRobber is poised to release.

A stripped down rendition which plucks the heart strings as only the greats know how.

Production_The Furious Sessions
Direction_RiD Produccions
Cameramen_José G. Fernández, Luiso Ces, Bernat Rueda, Joel Brooks and Emili Mas
Sound_Alberto Perez_Sol de Sants
Editing_Bernat Rueda_RiD Produccions
Still photo_Bernat Rueda

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