What can we say about Maïa Vidal? If you still haven’t heard of her, let’s get you acquainted with this The Furious Sessions.

Maïa Vidal is a consummate artist, a natural talent who forms part of the Sol de Sants family. She burst into our lives, revolutionised everything in her path, and she knows it. While she was still residing among us, she recorded and collaborated with other musicians like Maranges and Rik van den Bosch, imbuing everything with her magic. Yet she had her own magical universe to which her songs transported us.

Her album, poised to hit the market soon, was recorded between Sol de Sants studios and La Bordeta House of Love. The result is a sumptuous LP over which Europe’s major cult record companies have been squabbling. Ultimately, Crammed Discs became the chosen label for the old continent and Japan. The record is replete with gorgeous tunes, the searing guitar sound of Marc Ribot (Tom Wait’s legendary guitarist) and unfathomable arrangements which will plunge you headfirst into the world of Maïa Vidal.

Discover this world with an advance viewing. A small dose of Maïa Vidal live, in which she opens her heart and reveals her fears: “The Alphabet of My Phobias”.

Production_The Furious Sessions
Direction_RiD Produccions
Cameramen_José G. Fernández, Luiso Ces, Bernat Rueda and Javier Dominguez
Sound_Alberto Perez_Sol de Sants
Editing_Bernat Rueda_RiD Produccions
Still photo_Bernat Rueda

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